Don’t ask, I’m just leaving.

The title. It explains all.

Ghost out.


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I don’t think this blog will continue.. Nor do I know if it will, then whom would take control.. So.. I’m not sure because of the leaving of the blog owner, Calm Spinner..

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Get more Sneak Peeks in one!


This, as you know, is is the image from the post about the Haunted House mini-quest coming soon.

Study it carefully!


  • Most of the Graves are old
  • There is a hole in the picture
  • The tree has an angry countenance.
  • The color is dim- it is probably like that on the whole mini-quest, and my guess is that after you complete it the color is brighter (it’s just a guess, don’t go telling your friends)
  • The crying angel statue has a plague- maybe we have to read it to finish the quest?
  • The Poptropican Character has something to do with the Haunted theme- the baggy eyes. Could this mean we wear them here, or is it just for that character?
  • It is night in the image- maybe this mini-quest is like Spy Island, where it is night everywhere?
  • Lots of cobwebs. What if their all over the mini-quest?
  • The tree’s leaves are rotten. Probably not many of the trees here have green leaves.
  • There are outlines on the graves and stuff. Most of the outlined stuff on Poptropica you have the ability to climb on. But, in this case, I doubt it…
  • There is more from both the sides to be shown. It is not the end of the street yet!

Can you discover more?

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The Haunted House is close at hand. Prepare yourself for an eerie adventure! It just might be your last…

That’s right! This was posted by the creators, more specifically, Dr.Hare. Do you notice the bags under the eyes of the character? Also, I hope they’re just trying to be scary by saying “It just might be your last.” and they aren’t really stopping Poptropica islands. I bet they’re just tryin’ to freak us. See ya, peoples!

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Bobble Your Minimized head!

Hi peeps of da WordPress Earth! Looksies!

Minimizer and Bobblehead

Make yourself tiny with Minimizer, or shake things up with Bobblehead. Head over to the Poptropica Store to check out these awesome new items!

I bought the Bobblehead on my look-alike side account, Wild Bear, because I have a ton of thoughts rolling around my head, and I guess you could consider that big! CS is outta credits, anyway… but now so is Wild Bear! LOL! I might be able to take a pic with my cam (me no take screenshots!) of it…

Update: Here it is! The head bobbles when you jump, so of course, it isn’t bobbling in the pic.

Look Alike Poptropican

Duh, it’s janky. But that’s what happens when you take a pic of the computer screen with a cam! It was darker before, but I made it brighter.

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Some Random things…

Hi. Since there isnt any new post on the creator’s blog, I thought of posting some things.

A ninja:



A little characatar that Tii showed the website for:



And a doll:

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

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I am sooooooooooo sorry I have been lacking on posting. Well, here are the Poptropica:

New Adventures!

Check out two new adventures available on different island Main Streets for ages 6-12!

New Cool Stuff!

Attention Protectors of Sherwood Forest!

The wardrobe for the Nottingham legend has expanded! Limited supply of fabrics for the new styles has caused a shortage of costumes to distribute, so grab yours while you can!

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