Poptropica Story Part 1

Here is a Poptropica Story, Part one

I was on Booga Bay on Shark Tooth Island relaxing on the beach.  I watched the waves clash against the soft sand. The sunset was nearing. I watched the sun move against the water. I decided to go into my beach house.  I got it from Professor Hammerhead after I rescued him from there. He let me have it. He said he didn’t need it since he was going back to Time Tangled Island next week.  I wondered what I should do.  “Hmmm…”, I thought.  I finally decided to clean out my room. When I was there, something blew in the window. There  was a slight breeze going on. It turned out to be a note from an Anonymus person. It said:

Help Me! I am trapped in a criminals cell and the real criminal is still on the loose! Help me!

“Hmmm… where could they be? Lets see, criminals… jail cells…. Super Power Island!”, I thought.  I ran out of the Beach House, swam past the sleeping shark, jumped over the cocnut cannon,  climbed on the crates,  and after a long walk, I made it to Main Street and flew to Super Power Island through the blimp. I was a hero to them there, and so I was aloud to go to the County Prison.  On this island a long time ago, there was a strike of lightning when I called someone, so I got the power to fly! But only on that island though. I flew over to the County Prison to check out the criminals.  I explained everything to the officers and looked to see which criminal looked different. I thought Betty Jetty did, so I set her free. “Mua ha ha ha!”, she cried. “You fool. The Crusher was the one on the loose, not me!”,  she said as she flew off  and escaped.

To be Continued Next Wednesday…


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    zanygamer said,

    AWESOME STORY!!!! I like how you mix the islands into a story. Now I call that talent! I’m bad at doing that.

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