Shark Tooth Island: Easy, but Awesome!

Hi everyone out in Word-press World!  I just want to say, that Shark Tooth Island was pretty easy, but it is awesome to have a beach on Poptropica! I love swimming in the water there.  Shark Tooth Island may be small, but isn’t it a nice place to stay? Especially the deserted place on it where Professor  Hammerhead was. I just love bouncing on the clotheslines! Here is a guide I made for you to complete it if you haven’t yet:

Step 1:  Talk to the guy by the Coconut Cafe and let him give you Carbonated Coconut Milk.

Step 2: Head 2 streets down to Booga bay and talk to the guy giving grass skirts. Then he should give you one. Go to your inventory and put it on.

Step 3: Go to the Ancient Ruins one street left and go up the vine to the first platform.

Step 4:Jump to the top of the building and collect the piece of paper.

Step 5: Go to the bottom of the building and enter. Go down the steps, and move to the left a lot, and go up after you have passed the wall. Click on the strange mouth thing and enter the code so that it spells “Open”.

Step 6:  Go Left.  Go down the rope and collect a bone. Then go up and try to get to another part of the temple and collect the Key Ingredient.

Step 7: Exit the temple and go to the Ancient Ruins.

Step 8: Go up the vines and go to the guy with the mask on. Talk to him, and he will give you a calming potion.

Step 9: Go to the fisherman’s coconut cannon on Booga Bay.  Shoot the coconut and the shark should be asleep. Swim across the lake and go left.

Step 10: Talk to the old guy with the beard and lead them back to the beginning of Booga Bay. Talk to the mom and Professor Hammerhead will give you the medal!


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