Cute Little Virtual Hamster

[clearspring_widget title=”Hamster” wid=”4921d1bbde64b665″ pid=”4a6f3860f109c9e9″ width=”467″ height=”350″ domain=””]

I know it’s off topic, but look at how cute it is! *Imaginary audience goes “Aww…”*

You can feed it by clicking the mouse, and make it go on the wheel again by clicking the center of the wheel, and make it follow the mouse by just moving the mouse around.! *Imaginary audience goes” Aww…” again*


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  1. 1

    zanygamer said,

    I like it!
    Calm Spinner: Isn’t it cute?!

  2. 3

    Speedy Crown said,

    he or she is soooo cute!!!!

    Calm Spinner: Yup! Here’s how you get it: Click the link at the top of it that says aBowman, then click on WordPress, then follow the instructions from there.

    • 4

      Speedy Crown said,

      thanks! now I have my own hamster! and I named her Lily!

      • 5

        Calm Spinner said,

        Your welcome! And Lily is a pretty name! I always wanted to be named Lily… I named mine my middle name, which happens to be a flower also. Rose.

  3. 6

    Speedy Crown said,

    I have a real hamster named lily!!

  4. 9

    Speedy Crown said,

    abowman did a nice job anmating the hamster!

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