The Multiverse is OUT!

THE MULTIVERSE IS HERE! So is the friends button! This is awesome! You heard it! The Multiverse is Here! 😆 The friends button works by telling someone the code to your Multiverse. Every time you go in, the code changes. You can get the Multiverse by Purchasing it from the Poptropica Store for 350 Credits, or use your friends code. Here’s what the creator’s have to say about it:

Enter the Multiverse

“Enter a new dimension of gameplay with the Multiverse! Now you can create a room and invite your friends to join in on the fun! Check out the new FRIENDS icon to get started.”  (The picture from the creator’s blog is below)


Translation to Binary Code: MuLtIvErSe    (or, Multiverse)
Multiverse Story (Made up by me):
One day, Vlad the Viking was exploring through Early Poptropica, as he decided to go into the Soda Pop Shop for a nice cold soda. “One glass of orange soda please!”, said Vlad to the waitress. “Comin’ right up!’, the old waitress said to Vlad, as she zipped through the croud bringing Vlad his orange soda. “Ahh…” Vlad said as he sipped it. Right when Vlad was about to leave, he ran into Shark Boy and Dr.Hare, gulping down their sodas. “Hi!”, said Vlad, excited to finally see his friends again. As they made a toast of their sodas (Vlad had to order a new one) Dr.Hare said “We should make a place where all Poptropicans can specially meet their friends without going through all that trouble.” “And they could have a code to tell their friends easily.”, Shark Boy said. “What would we call it?”, Vlad asked. “The Multiverse!”, Dr.Hare came up with. “Let’s get working on our Multiverses!”, Vlad said, as he headed off. He went to the blimp to go to 24 Carrot Island to borrow some hammers and nails, since they had a full supply. “Sure you can borrow some tools, Vlad!”, said the mayor. “Thank you sir!”, said Vlad to the mayor. Then he went into the factory down the street to collect some parts for his Multiverse. The mayor had also given him a screwdriver, so Vlad could loosen some bolts. He took apart the bars that go up and down one by one, smashed the computer from the room where Dr.Hare went up to space (his friend was Dr.Hare’s good twin) and collected all the parts possible. Then he started building. As he built, the Multiverse began to look like a cave of pink crystals. He used his Nabooti Island cellphone to call his friends to ask how they were doing. “Mine is looking sorta like a gingerbread house, since I made it all out of candy.”, Dr.Hare said. “Mine looks like a techno room, since I borrowed a lot of stuff from Atsro Knights island.”, Shark Boy said on the 3rd line. “Mine looks like a Crystal Cavern.”, said Vlad. Let’s make codes! Vlad made up a code, Shark Boy made a code, and Dr.Hare made a code, and they were all set. So that’s how the Multiverse was made.
(The story above is completely made up. It did not actually happen.)

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    zanygamer said,

    Awesome!!! Thanks for telling me!

    Calm Spinner: Your Welcome!

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