New bottom Poptropica Page!

The bottom of the Poptropica homepage is different! Instead of: Reality TV: Coming this Summer it says :New poptropica Store stuff coming every week all summer long! and : Sign up to be e-mailed when the next island is released! I would have done a screenshot, but like I said like a billion times, I can’t since I don’t have paint. And also, do you think this meens Reality TV Island is canceled? It sure looks like it to me… but don’t get too down! I don’t know what will happen!

Full Image Credit to the awesome Zanygamer!

Full Image Credit to the awesome Zanygamer!

Full Image Credit to the awesome Zanygamer! Thanks!

Full Image Credit to the awesome Zanygamer! Thanks!

Thank you for the images, Zanygamer!


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  1. 1

    zanygamer said,

    I’ll do it for you. Take the image from this blog (my blog):

  2. 5

    Sparkle Star said,

    Hi Calm Spinner! 🙂 Cool blog! Um, you don’t need Paint to make a screenshot, you know. You do fn+Prtsc or just Prtsc (I don’t much about screenshots for PC because I don’t have one.) Then you just save it into documents and when making a post, click the “insert media” button and choose the screenshot.

    • 6

      Calm Spinner said,

      Ok! Thanks! I’ll try to do that! I thought that you needed paint..

      • 7

        Calm Spinner said,

        It didn’t work… and how do you know I have a PC? Did you find out the password for the Staff Page or something?

      • 8

        Sparkle Star said,

        I think I was surfing your blog or poptropicalthunder’s blog and you said something like you had a PC… I don’t really know LOL. It didn’t work? Hmmm… well, what didn’t work, like you couldn’t get a screenshot?

      • 9

        Calm Spinner said,

        I couldn’t get a screenshot. And also, my keyboard dosen’t have an fn key…

      • 10

        Sparkle Star said,

        Strange… wait, what kind of computer do you have?

      • 11

        Calm Spinner said,


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