Disc Drop!

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It’s a fun game to play when your bored. Try to shoot the ball into the highest number slot to get more points. The number on the balls tell you how many you have left. Good luck! P.S. Sorry not most of my posts are about poptropica lately, but not much stuff is happening right now in Poptropica, so I found other ways to entertain. P.P.S.- My high score is 145. Can you beat it?

Our Champ: Speedy Crown  Score:250


11 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Speedy Crown said,

    I did! I got 135!

  2. 10

    Lucky Eye said,

    I got 250 points with a special trick.
    Calm Spinner: There are no tricks. You just aim the ball and hope. So you are probably lying, because this is a simple game. No glitches or anything. Just a game. As in, not like Poptropica, with so many glitches, its just a simple, little, game.

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