Virtual Newton’s Cradle!

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Look! It’s Newton’s Cradle! Just drag one ball to hit the other, and then it gets going, and going, and going. Cool, huh?


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  1. 1

    Sparkle Star said,

    *is mesmerized* *keeps on dragging the ball to hit the other* LOL, that’s awesome! 😆

    • 2

      Calm Spinner said,

      If you drag one ball to the top and then hit it, it hits like crazy! I got it from the same site I got the virtual hamster from. Thanks aBowman! (aBowman is the site)

  2. 3

    Calm Spinner said,

    Lol, I made the thing go nuts by dragging a middle one to the top, and it went like this:
    Tick-Tick-Tick Tick-tick-tick
    It was weird, but funny!

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