Advertising Building!

There is a new  Advertising Building with a game! It is race to witch mountain. When you win it,you get three prizes. An alien suit, a Hazmat suit, and a Race to witch mountain UFO. We will have the guide up soon. The guide is here! And also, I think that many of you are worried since it is a Disney ad, since we all know that Disney bought Club Penguin and made it have memberships, and no one wants that to happen to Poptropica. But first, here is what the creators have to say about the new ad:

Breaking News!!

Hey! There’s an adventure on Main Streets all over Poptropica. Hurry to find out what’s going on!
Translation to Binary Code: Aliens

The guide is still in construction, but here it is:

First, enter the building. Then go to the bottom and make it to the big reddish door by climbing up the green bar. After you have entered, the adventure begins:
1. Push the crate you will see on your right over, and make it fall on the switch. Now find the blue clip somewhere at the bottom left and collect it.

2. Hop up another green bar with a crate on it. Push the crate over to the purple switch and then go down to the bottom hole. You should be back at the top. Go a bit to the left and collect the purple chip.

3. Go back down to the bottom hole and go up again, then go right. If you see a crate, push it to the red switch, then go down the hole again and go to the top right. Collect the red clip.

4. Exit the room through the big reddish door. Make your way up to the scientist by the green bar and free the aliens by clicking on the thing right by the shelf. Congrats! You have completed The Race To Witch Mountain Advertisment.

Update: The building is gone now, and so are the costumes and the UFO.


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    machoman said,

    thank you! I really liked this post!

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    teinby said,

    thank you! I really liked this post!

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