Me and Vampire Me as a cartoon!

Ok, I tried a lot of ways to do this, so I’m hoping this will work (Sorry it’s so tiny!):


And here is me as a Vampire! I got the idea from Poptropical Thunder’s Blog:


Edit: I forgot the others!

Ghost Me:

Ghost Me

Oh, and ignore the first pic of me. Here is what I really look like more:



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  1. 1

    Calm Spinner said,

    YES! It worked! Finally! And I’m not a teenager, it just doesn’t do kids. And that’s not a chain on my glasses, it’s hair.

  2. 2

    Hehe. Cool! The way I did it was by takng a snapshot.
    So which way did you do it??

    • 3

      Calm Spinner said,

      I saved the image. And then the other ways was the way by giving the username and pass (didn’t work) copying and pasting the code (didn’t work), copying and pasting the image. But the way that works is when your done, the little image on the side, I saved it, and inserted it into the post.

  3. 4

    smiles said,

    Awesome! very cool! 😛

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