Poptropica Story Part 3

I looked around the room in despair, trying to figure out any pieces of metal strong enough to break a wall and let me escape. I heard cackling on the roof, sounding like a person. Wait- the cackling reaminded me of my Nabooti Island Cellphone. Maybe my friend Friendly Hero could help! We were partners in everything, including saving the world. I remember when we had to save this island from being hypnotized, and who knows what could have happened if we hadn’t teamed up. Now, since that mission, we have the flying power (a phone mishap), so we can fly. Friendly Hero lives all the way in Time Tangled Island, so it could take a while, but as long as she can help. I called her Time Tangled number, and she said she would call as soon as she gets on Super Power, or if there was any trouble. Two hours later, I was bored so much I almost fell asleep, but they would probably put me in some sick and twisted trap while I was asleep, like tie me up with electric wires and light up some dynamite and I’ll explode! I heard my cellphone ring. It was Friendly Hero. Hopefully she would be here soon! She said: “I”m gonna be a little delayed.”

I said: “Why?” What happened?”

She said: “Remember the Giant on Early Poptropica?”

I said: “Yeah, but what does tha-”

She interrupted: “I wanted to get there faster, and since his big purple hands are about a 100 miles long, I asked if he could give me a lift.”

I said: “So?”

She said: “I accidentally stepped on his omelet, and he was soo mad, he called his toe gaurds (don’t ask) and they tied me up sooo hard and are gaurding me, so I can’t move.”

I said: “Oh, no! I wish I could help!”

She said: “Oh no! The gaurds caught me talking! I’ll call you late-

The phone hung up. I wish I could help her, but like I could get out! Then I remembered the cackling noise. It was getting a lot louder. Then I heard voices. “Dude, we’ll never find the loot here.”, said the first voice. “It doesn’t hurt to check. That loot could be hidden anywhere. We all know of the richest Poptropican, Invisible Foot. Dude, we need that money!”, said the second voice. “Oh no, I thought. “Looks like I got a second problem.”, I said to myself.

To be continued Next Wednesday…


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