Two new posts! (Well, not really new)

Sorry for forgetting to post the updates! A few days ago, the Creators officially announced the Costume collector Item. Here’s what they said:

What should I wear today?

“With the new Costume Collector you can save up to 3 of your favorite costumes. Head over to the Poptropica Store to check it out!”

And, 2 days ago, the all-new, rare, limited edition Gold Renegage(Did I spell that right?)Robot has been released! Here’s what the creators say:

Renegade Robot – Limited Edition!

We’ve just released a new Limited Edition card in our store!
This RARE outfit will only be available for
purchase until Aug 16, 2009.

So, that’s the updates! Oh, and I discovered a new glitch! (You must have the Flower Power from the Poptropica Store)

Planting Flowers on air: Go to Time Tangled Island in the Mount Everest. Go to the place with the icicles falling on the second block. Put on the flower Power while your on the edge of the block. Press spacebar and you should be planting the flowers on air!

So soon we will update the Cheat Codes page to add this. We have now updated it! That’s all for now! Bye everyone!


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    Speedy Crown said,

    hey i descovered that cheat too! only i did it on the ropes like the one to the blimp!

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