Poptropica Story Part 4 will not be made. Very Sorry!

Poptropica Story Part 4 will not be made. Why? I have started a new book, on PoptropicalThunder’s website. Here is part one:

I lay on my bed, yawning. I was bored to death, since I moved to Shark Tooth Island. I missed my best friend, Friendly Hero, who lives in Time Tangled. We used to see each other practically every day, and since her school starts before mine, I can’t even call her. I remember our missions we did together. I remember like it was just yesterday we were stumbling on the volcano planet trying not to fall into the hot lava. I remember forming the UFO. But now, there is no turning back. I had to stay in my beach house on Shark Tooth.
Two hours later, when the sun was sinking below the water’s horizon, I got a call from Friendly Hero. Yes! Finally! I didn’t hesitate to grab the phone as she said: “Hi, Calm Spinner! Hows it going?”. “I’m bored to death. Sometimes I wish school would start so I could have something to do, even if it is writing assignments.”, I say. “What do you think your new school will be like?”, asked Friendly Hero. “I dunno.”, I said, in a low, murmuring voice. “Well, I wish I could come over.”, Friendly Hero mumbled. “But I have to do homework.” “Ok, bye!”, I said, as I let go of the phone, not bothering to hang it up on the receiver. I decided to go fishing with Mr.Fisher. He was a wise old man, telling me sorts of secrets about the wild.But when I got there, all there was was a note. It said:
I’m moving. Goin’ out a town will be good for an old man like me.
That note sure was strange. It wasn’t in Mr.Fisher’s handwriting, and Mr.Fisher never calls himself old. He says it will jinx him and next thing you know he’ll be dead on his porch. When he says that it makes me laugh. “Maybe he was just in a rush.”, I thought aloud, as I zoomed past to get some coconut milk. “Comin’ right up little feller.”, said the coconut man, who’s name was Sticky Hero, who was actually Friendly Hero’s uncle. He swept past the trees which were lining up like a maze. I sipped my fresh coconut milk. Something wasn’t right…

To be continued…


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