New Story part 3

Part Three
One day later…
The next day I didn’t really have money on me. You see, my parents had died in the last two years because of a car accident. Alex’s mom would usually make the two of us breakfast, and she took care of me as if I were her daughter. But now I’m just a plain old orphan, scratching for money here and there. I gave up and decided to make my own breakfast. I could afford the essentials, because Alex’s mom gave me money. She would have gone with me, I bet, but she gave me a lot so she couldn’t. My Beach House was made of tent supplies, but I was okay with it. I had a stove, a bed, a refrigerator, a microwave (this needs some work) a phone, and a computer just in case I can’t get to the phone. So I wasn’t like, as poor as those people in movies (I remember these from before the accident). I was just regular. I made my own breakfast with some supplies I had in the fridge. Mostly mix. I wouldn’t have been aloud to touch the stove, but what choice did I have? I waited a while for the old-fashioned timer to go off, but then I remembered that it was broken and I only kept it because it was my parents. So I had to eat burnt pancakes. It felt like smoke in my mouth. After breakfast I was gonna sit by the ocean, like I do every morning. The swishing sound felt as if it was taking me to another world. But this time it felt like something was bothering me… OH NO! It was the day of the orientation! The day where we meet our new teachers! I zoomed off to the school, riding on my scooter, of course. When I finally made it, I was huffing and puffing. “I *puff* am *huff* here *puff*.”, I said, as I burst through the door. “What’s your name, little miss?”, said some dude who looked like the principal. “Jennifer Smith.”, I said, still quietly huffing. “Ah, going to fourth grade, I see. Your teacher is Mrs.A.”, he said as he leaded me to a woman who was pretty tall. “Why do they call you Mrs.A?”, I ask. “Because my last name is extremely hard to pronounce.”, she replies. I tell her I am an orphan, and she says that is rather a shame. Before I knew it, the orientation was over. I rode my scooter back to the ocean, and I ended up huffing and puffing again. But it was worth it, to be able to relax yet know that school is coming really soon. I also wondered about my teacher’s English accent. And what her last name is. And some how, after all that thinking, I ended up back to thinking about that note from Mr.Fisher. Or was it from Mr.Fisher…

To be continued…


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