The New Story (Now called “The Move”) part 4,5,6!

Part 4
I thought I was overreacting. I mean, this isn’t a movie or anything. This was real life. I got up. The sand stuck to my flip-flops. I didn’t mind. Well, not really, anyway. The sand felt like stepping on a baby porcupine. “Ouch!” I said. I stepped on a pointy rock. I picked it up. It was really shiny. I decided to keep it. It was a quartz, I think. I put it in my jean pockets, and started riding my scooter instead of walking. I made it home. I got some cereal for dinner. I wasn’t that hungry. The phone was ringing. I picked it up before the Caller ID even showed. “Hello?” I say. I hear nothing but breathing. Must be a wrong number. I hung up and decided to study the rock I found. It had a little marking on it. It was probably the mark from my shoe when I stepped on it. I put it on the stove.

Part 5
The next morning I got up, and was seriously craving some eggs. Bob usually donates some to me, because he knows that I’ve been running low on money lately. After a thanks, I went home to cook. But I completely forgot about the gemstone! It actually melted. I never thought rocks melt. But what was left was really strange. A small little circle with a strange note on it. It was so small I couldn’t read it. “I wonder where I could buy a microscope…” I thought. Oh well. I’m sure it’s nothing important. Nothing important almost never happens, except when my parents died. I put it in the cabinet this time. I wonder why it melted… maybe rocks melt, and I never knew. Someone probably asked their parents to break it and put a rock when they wrote a note or something. Nothing big. But I still want to keep it, as a memory of my orientation for 4th grade. I was glad I had my eggs ready. I was so hungry! Maybe because the burnt pancakes from yesterday weren’t so filling! Anyways, I headed out for my daily walk. I decided to also have a swim in the ocean. I slapped on my bathing suit and the thing that you put over it when your not in the pool, and put in a water bottle in my over-thing pocket. On my walk, I said hi to Bob, and all the other peeps I knew. Even Jack, who was apparently still in a bad mood. When I got done, I went back to my Beach House and went for a swim. The water was a bit chilly, but I could handle it. I collected some seashells from the bottom, and took them home. I thought I would make a stop at the hardware store, because I need a shelf to put my collectibles, and maybe use the shells to glue on and use as a decoration. Since my house is sorta tent-like, I would attach the shelf to the desk that I keep the computer on. I thought the seashells would look nice on the edge of the shelf. Don’t ya think? I walked off to Home Depot and asked where they kept the wood and super strong glue. “In isle 7.” the clerk said. I figured I should also look for a magnifying glass, to just take a shot at looking at the message. Even if it probably isn’t much, it’ll keep me entertained. So I asked if they had those. They said they should have one right at the check-out counter, you know, those things that you find just hanging there when you’re paying. I picked one and it had like a little sort of demo thing, you know, where the middle glass thing, even when it’s still in the package, there is a little space you can see through? I tried it out, and it works great. For the wood, I picked maple. I already had a hammer and nails, and all the tools I would need. Another thing from Alex’s mom, of course. After I payed at the counter, the cashier said, “Aren’t you a little young to be out on your own? I didn’t want to go through that whole story about me being an orphan and how whenever I say so, they always say something like “Oh, how sad! I wish I could take care of you, but I already have too much children…” and then keep blabbing and blabbing about their kids. So I just said, “My parents say it’s OK.” and then left for home.

Part 6
When I got home, I started building. I nailed the wood onto the computer desk, and started to glue on the shells from the ocean. I wasn’t very good with glue, but I think it would dry clear. At least, that’s what it says on the bottle. When I got done, I decided to check out the stone with the note. It was mostly smudged off. It said:
Secre (smudge) lan 743(smudge) ro(smudge).
I wish it wasn’t so smudged. I could hardly understand. I think it said “Secret Plan at 743 road.” Probably some little kid’s club. Nothing big really happens. But still, I felt the erge to find a map to the place, and see what I can find. I looked up on Google “743 road in Hawaii”. It said No Results. Wait-There probably can’t be a road with numbers! That must have been a building number! I had to find out the street. But, I thought it wasn’t gonna be anything to get into trouble about, because nothing ever happens in this small town. This was my life, not a mission. And things like real secret plans usually don’t happen. I mean, really, this is reality. I put the stone on the new shelf and went to bed.
Over the night I dreamed that it really was a secret plan of someone trying to take over the world and make everyone his slaves, and I failed to stop, even though I tried and figured out the street. The evil person made everyone carve statues of him, and made everyone cater his every need. But it was just a dream. That stuff probably couldn’t really happen. It’s a normal world, not a fairy-tale. After I woke up, I wasn’t hungry. That terrifying dream scared my appetite right out. But, like I said, this is reality, not TV. Things like that can’t happen, and it was just a dream. I just ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and headed out for my walk. I saw Jack again. He is still in his bad mood. I wonder what’s got him so down in the dumps. My whole walk I spent wondering why. “Maybe his pet died, or his parents died, or someone died, or he worked so hard on something and then lost it.” I thought. I mean, I think it was 3 or so days. Maybe he was in his bad mood before I met him. Before I knew it, I gotten so in my head, I walked almost 4 miles and tripped onto the sand. I bet if Jack was still walking this would’ve made him at least a little happier. Wait- I just saw Jack. Where did he go? Probably just entered a shop or something. Or maybe he went home. Uggh, I should stop wondering!
To be continued…


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