The Move Part 7

Part 7
Three days later…
I climbed out of bed. I decided to go to another breakfast cafe. I scrambled around the house for some money. I found a crumpled up $10 bill and stepped on it to straighten. I headed out on my scooter. I think I’m getting to big for that little barbie scooter. But one thing I know I’m not too old for is my little teddy bear I sleep with. If it’s missing I’ll go bonkers! Some people would say I’m too old for it, but it’s not a regular teddy bear. My mom gave it to my when I was born. It’s one of a kind, and I’ll never get rid of it. I started riding on my scooter. I didn’t see Jack. That’s strange. I usually see him walking. Oh well, he was probably out. I entered the cafe. It smelled of coffee and lattes. It reminded me when Alex’s mom would take us for chocolate ice cream in a place like this. My mom also took me here sometimes. But then I couldn’t understand a word, because it turns out the whole cafe was Spanish. The menus, the waiters, those little cards that have pictures of food at your table. How was I supposed to know what I was doing? What if I accidentally said some type of a Spanish cuss word? I decided to just skip breakfast. Maybe I could save up the time to look for a new scooter. A nice, calm, blue and purple one with green handlebars would be nice. But I had to go back home and hunt around for an extra five bucks. At least, I think that would be the amount of money it would cost for a scooter. I mean, it’s not like buying a limo. And I already had the helmet. So all I needed was a scooter. I rummaged all around, and finally found a second ten dollar bill. More than I expected. I headed off to the mall. It’s pretty far away. So I leaped on my scooter and headed off.

To be continued…


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