The move part 9

Part 9
It felt as if I had been waiting for hours, even though it had only been a few minutes. I tried to find something to do, like maybe scramble names of the store into more words. It got boring after a while, and I couldn’t stand being in the elevator anymore! I was beginning to get claustrophobic. I think the standing still made my voice get higher. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!” I shouted, so load it sounded like some one kidnapped me. Almost everyone heard now! I could tell, because I heard someone shout “Don’t worry kid! Help is comin’” and someone else shout “I’m calling the firemen to get you down!”. Yes! I was getting out! Try being in an elevator that long alone and have nothing to do! It wasn’t hours-It turns out I was only in there for fifteen minutes. After all the thinking, I saw the firemen burst through the shiny glass doors. They apparently had a huge ladder, and when They finally got all the way up to me, they said this:
“Aren’t you kinda little to be out on your own?”
I didn’t know how to reply. I mean, if I said I was an orphan, what if they would take me to some orphanage or something, and then some mean old turd adopted me just to be their own little servant? What if someone nice adopts me and I grow to love them more than mom? But they were the firemen! If I lie to them, it would be like lying to the police when they were trying to take you home to your parents! What should I say, what should I say? While these thoughts escapade through my head, I can’t really focus on what’s happening. “Did you hear what I asked?” the fireman asked. I got my mind back on track. “Uh… well, I’m an orphan, but I’m perfectly fine living on my own, and I have no trouble getting food, because my best friend’s uncle donates food to me, and a lot of packages come from my best friends mom, so I have the essentials to living and stuff, and I don’t need to go to an orphanage or anything!” I said, starting to sweat. What if they ignored what I said? What if all the stuff I thought of happens? “What ifs” were climbing all over what I should be hearing. I tried to get out of my head and just hear what he says. He didn’t say anything except: “Alrighty then. Now lets get you down. For now take the stairs up, OK little missy?” Phew! No orphanage! I walked slowly down the steep brick red ladder and went to the curvy stairs. I guess it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t too good either! I headed up the twisting white stairs. When I got to the second floor, I spotted the Bike and Scooter store, I headed in. It was a completely different sight for my eyes. Instead of white, the walls were purple, black, and dark yellow. It smelled of rubber and metal. The scooters were carefully lined up in little segments on the right, and there were gazillions of styles for helmets and pads. It was waaaaaaaaay bigger on the inside than the out!

To be continued…


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