New Story!

Hi! Did you know, I finished my old story, The Move? So I’m starting a new one! It’s called “The good evil mission”. It’s kinda confusing, so if you don’t get it, your probably not the only one. I’m making her Jewish, but I’m Catholic. Also, the setting is in the past, in 1945. Here goes Chapter one (See, I’m not doing parts, I’m doing chapters!)

The Good Evil Mission

By Calm Spinner

Chapter One: Introducing… Natasha!

Natasha climbed out of bed. It was 1945, and during the fight between Adolf Hitler and the Jewish. Natasha was lucky her parents were alive, and she was too. Natasha is a 14 year-old girl, average, you might say. Natasha walked out of her yellow-walled room in her fluffy green smile slippers and her baggy frog PJ’s.  “Good morning, Natasha! We’re having waffles.” her mother chirped, in an unusually singsong voice. “That’s strange. Usually mother just says good morning and to eat breakfast. Something has to be up.” thought Natasha, inside her head. Natasha was always curious. She was planning to be a spy when she grew up when she was little, but now she knows that spies are usually the villain. “Natasha, we have great news! Your mother is having a baby in nine months.” Natasha’s dad said, in an equal cheery voice. Natasha did not think of this as good news. She thought it was horrible news! Natasha has always been an only child for 14 years, and she thought it was too late to have one. But her mom had her when she was young, so now she was only 32.  Natasha thought they were joking. She still couldn’t believe it. The baby would get all the attention, and she would be left out in the dust. Whenever it was the baby who is supposed to get in trouble, it would be her. At least, that’s what it said in all her books. Natasha had B’s in all the other subjects, but always got an A+ in reading and grammar. It was like a fact. She could even decode letters into a hidden word. She loved doing that.  Natasha didn’t notice that her mother was strangely fat, but that would be a clue of the baby. And Natasha would be the one to notice the details! When her mother got up to show her baby bump, Natasha felt ashamed of herself for not noticing. She had just thought she was eating too much Pumpkin pie. Natasha knew throwing a fit wouldn’t work. In most of her books, when a child throws a fit, the parents come and help them. Now, most of the stuff in her books were true,  except for that. Natasha knew her parents would yell, and what would it do if they comforted her anyway? Natasha knew as her hair was blond that it wouldn’t stop the baby from coming.


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  1. 1

    slippers said,

    Well, I loose my weight because I stop eating after 6.00 pm. you might ask Natasha do like me… I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info. And this is slippers site. It pretty much covers slipper related stuff.

    • 2

      zanygamer said,

      Really? I’m confused. This is a Poptropica blog, not a slippers blog. It’s just a story……but I’m glad you can make connections from the story. That’s what’s stories are for! 😀

    • 3

      zanygamer said,

      Okay, slippers, I get what you mean now…….but please write in better grammar next time!

  2. 4

    zanygamer said,

    Love the new theme and header!!!! 😀

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