Get more Sneak Peeks in one!


This, as you know, is is the image from the post about the Haunted House mini-quest coming soon.

Study it carefully!


  • Most of the Graves are old
  • There is a hole in the picture
  • The tree has an angry countenance.
  • The color is dim- it is probably like that on the whole mini-quest, and my guess is that after you complete it the color is brighter (it’s just a guess, don’t go telling your friends)
  • The crying angel statue has a plague- maybe we have to read it to finish the quest?
  • The Poptropican Character has something to do with the Haunted theme- the baggy eyes. Could this mean we wear them here, or is it just for that character?
  • It is night in the image- maybe this mini-quest is like Spy Island, where it is night everywhere?
  • Lots of cobwebs. What if their all over the mini-quest?
  • The tree’s leaves are rotten. Probably not many of the trees here have green leaves.
  • There are outlines on the graves and stuff. Most of the outlined stuff on Poptropica you have the ability to climb on. But, in this case, I doubt it…
  • There is more from both the sides to be shown. It is not the end of the street yet!

Can you discover more?

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    b said,

    i knoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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