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Get more Sneak Peeks in one!


This, as you know, is is the image from the post about the Haunted House mini-quest coming soon.

Study it carefully!


  • Most of the Graves are old
  • There is a hole in the picture
  • The tree has an angry countenance.
  • The color is dim- it is probably like that on the whole mini-quest, and my guess is that after you complete it the color is brighter (it’s just a guess, don’t go telling your friends)
  • The crying angel statue has a plague- maybe we have to read it to finish the quest?
  • The Poptropican Character has something to do with the Haunted theme- the baggy eyes. Could this mean we wear them here, or is it just for that character?
  • It is night in the image- maybe this mini-quest is like Spy Island, where it is night everywhere?
  • Lots of cobwebs. What if their all over the mini-quest?
  • The tree’s leaves are rotten. Probably not many of the trees here have green leaves.
  • There are outlines on the graves and stuff. Most of the outlined stuff on Poptropica you have the ability to climb on. But, in this case, I doubt it…
  • There is more from both the sides to be shown. It is not the end of the street yet!

Can you discover more?

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The Haunted House is close at hand. Prepare yourself for an eerie adventure! It just might be your last…

That’s right! This was posted by the creators, more specifically, Dr.Hare. Do you notice the bags under the eyes of the character? Also, I hope they’re just trying to be scary by saying “It just might be your last.” and they aren’t really stopping Poptropica islands. I bet they’re just tryin’ to freak us. See ya, peoples!

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Bobble Your Minimized head!

Hi peeps of da WordPress Earth! Looksies!

Minimizer and Bobblehead

Make yourself tiny with Minimizer, or shake things up with Bobblehead. Head over to the Poptropica Store to check out these awesome new items!

I bought the Bobblehead on my look-alike side account, Wild Bear, because I have a ton of thoughts rolling around my head, and I guess you could consider that big! CS is outta credits, anyway… but now so is Wild Bear! LOL! I might be able to take a pic with my cam (me no take screenshots!) of it…

Update: Here it is! The head bobbles when you jump, so of course, it isn’t bobbling in the pic.

Look Alike Poptropican

Duh, it’s janky. But that’s what happens when you take a pic of the computer screen with a cam! It was darker before, but I made it brighter.

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I am sooooooooooo sorry I have been lacking on posting. Well, here are the Poptropica:

New Adventures!

Check out two new adventures available on different island Main Streets for ages 6-12!

New Cool Stuff!

Attention Protectors of Sherwood Forest!

The wardrobe for the Nottingham legend has expanded! Limited supply of fabrics for the new styles has caused a shortage of costumes to distribute, so grab yours while you can!

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New Story!

Hi! Did you know, I finished my old story, The Move? So I’m starting a new one! It’s called “The good evil mission”. It’s kinda confusing, so if you don’t get it, your probably not the only one. I’m making her Jewish, but I’m Catholic. Also, the setting is in the past, in 1945. Here goes Chapter one (See, I’m not doing parts, I’m doing chapters!)

The Good Evil Mission

By Calm Spinner

Chapter One: Introducing… Natasha!

Natasha climbed out of bed. It was 1945, and during the fight between Adolf Hitler and the Jewish. Natasha was lucky her parents were alive, and she was too. Natasha is a 14 year-old girl, average, you might say. Natasha walked out of her yellow-walled room in her fluffy green smile slippers and her baggy frog PJ’s.  “Good morning, Natasha! We’re having waffles.” her mother chirped, in an unusually singsong voice. “That’s strange. Usually mother just says good morning and to eat breakfast. Something has to be up.” thought Natasha, inside her head. Natasha was always curious. She was planning to be a spy when she grew up when she was little, but now she knows that spies are usually the villain. “Natasha, we have great news! Your mother is having a baby in nine months.” Natasha’s dad said, in an equal cheery voice. Natasha did not think of this as good news. She thought it was horrible news! Natasha has always been an only child for 14 years, and she thought it was too late to have one. But her mom had her when she was young, so now she was only 32.  Natasha thought they were joking. She still couldn’t believe it. The baby would get all the attention, and she would be left out in the dust. Whenever it was the baby who is supposed to get in trouble, it would be her. At least, that’s what it said in all her books. Natasha had B’s in all the other subjects, but always got an A+ in reading and grammar. It was like a fact. She could even decode letters into a hidden word. She loved doing that.  Natasha didn’t notice that her mother was strangely fat, but that would be a clue of the baby. And Natasha would be the one to notice the details! When her mother got up to show her baby bump, Natasha felt ashamed of herself for not noticing. She had just thought she was eating too much Pumpkin pie. Natasha knew throwing a fit wouldn’t work. In most of her books, when a child throws a fit, the parents come and help them. Now, most of the stuff in her books were true,  except for that. Natasha knew her parents would yell, and what would it do if they comforted her anyway? Natasha knew as her hair was blond that it wouldn’t stop the baby from coming.

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The Move- Part 10 though 15 (end)

Part 10
It all reminded me of Alisha. She loved to ride her scooter with me around New York. But we can’t do that anymore. I wish I could write her a letter, but I already forgot our address (I say our because I used to live with her because my mom and dad died until I had to go to Hawaii.) The helmets reminded me of-
SCHOOL! It starts tomorrow! I needed a scooter to ride when I’m going there, fast! I searched around desperately. It didn’t matter how it was, how much I liked it. I just needed a scooter, and fast! I just swept one off the racks and asked to have it now. It wasn’t in a box, it was on the racks. I purchased it, and it was pretty cheap. But it turns out, even when I got a better look, I thought it was amazing. I zipped out of the mall, gripping the scooter under my arm. It was sort of hard to do that, but I had to get supplies for school! I didn’t have any money left though! I wonder if Bob could have any for me. He always helps me out when I’m in trouble, because we were almost going to be family. Alisha’s mom wanted to adopt me, but she didn’t know how. She tried and tried, but she could only adopt if I was in an orphanage, which I will never be.Bob would have been my uncle, Alisha would’ve been my sister, her mom would be my mom, her dad would be my dad, but no, that couldn’t happen. It just couldn’t. I jumped on my scooter, stamping my feet on the sandy ground and pushed off. It felt like I was flying! But before I knew it, I was to Bob’s stand. I asked him politely if he had any school supplies on him. He says “Why sure! In fact, I had them just for you, just in case you didn’t have enough green.” Wow. He is always thinking! I took them, and for a thanks, I asked him what he would like as a present once I get enough money. “You don’t have to get me anything! This was just an everyday thing.” he said. “Then I’ll do it as a gift!” I say, hopping back on my scooter, pedaling off. I still didn’t see Jack. I wonder why he isn’t out much now. He used to be out a lot. Eh, probably nothing much. I pedaled and pedaled back to my house, and decided to draw. Me and Alisha love to draw. We used to do all sorts of projects together. But now, of course, we can’t. I wish I didn’t have to move. But I just had too. I drew a horse, galloping away from a stall, heading out into a big field. I thought it looks nice. I might even bring it in to show the teachers I love art. And writing. And reading.

Part 11
The next day…
I pulled myself out of bed. I looked at the alarm clock. 6:45 am flashed in big red letters, and it seemed to be taunting me, that starting today, I’d have to get up this early. I took a shower, humming to the tune of “What a wonderful world”. I got dressed in a blue and white striped tee with a blue skirt with shaped edges. I don’t take the bus, because you need a parent to fill out those forms. I missed the days I could, and Alisha’s mom would be the one to sign it. And they would except it, because back then she would be my guardian. But not legally. Now, I had to ride my scooter to school. But I was OK with that, since I loved this scooter, and it even had a pouch, like I wanted, to carry the little things. The rest, of course, I would lug around on my backpack. After I was sure I was ready, I put my left foot on the ground and pedaled off to school.
It wasn’t really far away, which was good for my legs, since it feels like a stampede of elephants stomped over it. Mostly because the school was 2 miles! At least it wasn’t too far, like the one I had last year in New York. 7 miles! Luckily, I took the bus then. But the truth is, the foot on the scooter that was just sitting there was the one hurting the most. Probably from holding it up there. When I got in, I saw the big white-painted wood doors once again, with designs of the school mascot. I went in. There were a river of cars, lining up in the drop-off area. I saw it at open house (orientation). I looked around. I saw paintings of cartoon kids, the mascot, and so much more. I guess this school likes to paint! There were lines of teachers directing kids where to go. I started heading to my classroom when a teacher with curly blond hair and wearing a flowered dress stopped me. “First you need to go to the gym and wait with all the other kids. Are you new?” she asked in a polite old-people voice. “Yes ma’am.” I replied. She directed me which way to the gym, which was huge! It had brown doors with checkered windows on it, with posters saying “P.E rules!” and stuff like that. I saw faces I never seen before,except one. Jack! He was here! I decided to sit next to him. He seemed out of his bad mood, but sort of sad. I crouched down and sat next to him. “What’s wrong? You seem sad.” I asked him in my sweetest-little-girl-in-the-world voice. “Well… if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Really, you won’t.” he replied, unlike when I first met him when he was rude. “I will! I promise!” I said, wondering about what it could be. Did someone break into his house? Did he throw a Frisbee so high that it went on the top of a city building? By the time he answered, I was anxious to know. “OK, if you insist on knowing… I’m being threatened.”

Part 12
“OK, like bully threatened, or… the illegal kind…?” I asked. ” The…” Jack said, and gulped without continuing. “OK, it must be bad. So, is it the “Gimme your lunch money” kind, or the other?” I said shivering. The reason I say “other” is because I’m afraid. Yes, I am. I don’t want to say what it really is, even though I know it. It just wouldn’t feel right. The bully kind is what I’d expect it to be, since we’re only in fourth grade. When Jack was about to say, the bell rung to go to our classrooms, so I’d miss it, since there were teachers patrolling the hallways to make sure we don’t talk, since they think that since we’re used to talking all we want over the summer, and when school starts we’ll still be that way. They don’t know the real deal. The new kids (me and some others) don’t talk much because they hardly know anyone, the kids that aren’t new talk a little but they know what they’re punishment would be since they’re used to the school system. I rolled my dark blue roller backpack down the hallway. It sounded like an airplane, you know, when they make that engine sound that goes “Whhhhhhhhirrrrrrrr”? I wondered where my classroom was. I saw room 324 and was heading in. I saw Jack heading in too! We were in the same class? What are the odds! Our desks had our names on them in cursive. I looked for one that says “Jennifer” . I was on the right side of the room in the front. I slouched down. The feeling of the chair was sticky, and it came with a static shock. I guess I was dragging my feet! It didn’t feel right. I tried to squint my eye to see where Jack was. Left side of the room in the back. Oh well. Guess I’d have to wait till recess to know how Jack was being threatened. My mind pounded against my skull, and everything the teachers were saying was so confusing. Not the work, but the way they run things. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too confusing! I mean, I wish schools could just run normal, not all confusing. Sure, the teachers are nice. But I just weren’t used to them. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the difference between here and New York. Or maybe not…

Part 13
No. It wasn’t the moving. Life is life, and I can’t blame everything on the moving. I just have to get used to it.
One hour later…
The recess bell rang, in a Brrrrrrrrrring! We all lined up, and I saw a girl who it looked like had bleached her hair, and she was making a snooty face. She was wearing the type of clothes that would be for teenagers, but she was wearing it. Then, behind her, I saw two girls with black hair that were following her every command. They were probably trying to get on her good side, because she would be popular. And now she is making them her slaves. The bleached-blond girl gave me a nasty look. The black-haired girls saw after a while and immediately repeated after. When we were out, the bleached-blond girl said “I’m Anastasia, and you better watch out, new girl.” She went off with her head held high, and of course, the black-haired girls, who I found out they’re names were Ashley and Patrica, followed behind, forming a triangle. I just stood there. I never thought about mean girls. Before I knew it, Jack sneaked up behind me. “Boo!” he said, seemingly forgetting about his sadness from this morning. “Hey!” I said, trying not to bring up anything about the threatening, no matter how curious and anxious to help I was. It was the polite thing to do. “What do you want to do? Monkeybars? Swings? Slides?” I asked. “Uh… I don’t know. Maybe… the swings?” he said, sort of asking. “Sure! Race ya!” I said, already running off laughing. But Jack still beat me! He must be really fast. We wiggled on to the swings and sang in our off-tune voices, I believe I can fly! The funny version. We added our own words as we went along. “I believe I can fly! Like the birds in the sky!” I said. “Hopefully those birds won’t poop on our heads!” Jack sang back. Our swing were going high now. Then, I noticed Anastasia gave me a glare. A jealous glare. Right then, I knew she was going to make Jack hate me. I don’t know how, but once her popularity grows, she could probably get away with anything. That’s what Alisha always says. That’s when you got to watch out for them. The glare seemed to be pasted onto my eyes. I kept swinging, like nothing had just happened. But something did happen. I think Anastasia likes Jack.

Part 14
After the swings, me and Jack hit the climbing wall. I looked over at Anastasia and the wannabes. The wannabes looked so jealous of Anastasia’s blond hair. I guess they didn’t know it wasn’t natural. I once was jealous of Alisha’s blond hair, but grew out of it. And Alisha’s hair was o’natural. Anastasia was staring at Jack, trying to make a sweet face. Jack didn’t notice. When Anastasia realised this, she frowned. Jack was at the top, and I was only at the middle. “C’mon! Slowpoke.” he joked. It wasn’t insulting, because it was the kind of insult that you know was a joke. Because he laughed while he said it. I climbed back up, but my head was still turned the other way, focusing on Anastasia and thinking about what she would do to get Jack away from me. Sure, I wasn’t positive she would try to, but by the way she glared at me and him on the swings laughing, I knew she wasn’t gonna let me off the hook. I didn’t have a crush on Jack; we were just friends. I thought so hard, I fell on the ground and the worst part is: I had my mouth open so I go wood chip splinters on my tongue! I fell head first, so I felt kinda dizzy. I saw Jack come and help me up. “Are you OK? That was a pretty rough fall.” he asked. “Yeah.” I said, while struggling to get the wood chips out of my curly hair. When something gets tangled in hair, it ain’t gonna feel so good getting it out. Luckily it wasn’t stuck that much. Jack helped me up, and asked if I needed to sit down. “No, I’m fine.” I said. The dizziness went away. As I said that, it was the end of recess. The teacher blew the whistle.
One hour later…
It was almost time to go home. I looked around trying to figure out who sits near me, hoping it wasn’t Anastasia. I hadn’t bothered to look before. The person sitting next to me was…

The Move,Part 15

…Anastasaia! My mouth dropped open like a fish. I was completely astonished. I watched her eyes give me an evil glare as I saw her. It was as if a kid that was prone to bleeding was sitting next to Dracula! I couldn’t pay attention during the math lesson. “Jennifer! Jennifer, pay attention please! This is not your first time today. Just because it’s almost the end of the day, it certainly does not mean you can just sit there mindlessly. No excuses! I will have to send a note home to your parents, little miss.” the teacher called. She sounded strict. I guess the was only nice to me at orientation because she thought it was OK. “I…I don’t have any parents. I’m an orphan, remember?” I said back, my voice breaking. “Well… well, we’ll just have to think of another punishment then! Next recess, you have to walk laps for 5 minutes!” the teacher said back, saying the words spontaneously, thought after thought. Then, right then, the bell rang. Kids piled out, hustling their backpacks and lunchboxes out of there cubbies. I waited to get in. I didn’t want to run 5 more minutes of laps! The teacher didn’t notice me being so good, of course. Teachers hardly ever notice the good thing, but notice every bad thing. We had no homework, since it’s the first day of school. So all we had to do was get are backpacks, then go. We all got in line.

One hour later…
I couldn’t think of anything to do. Maybe I could just figure out the address on the rock, out of boredom. Hmmm… where is 743 av.? My mind felt overwhelmed with thought running over my brain. Then, it hit me. There was an old warehouse, and it’s address number was 743 avenue! Now I just have to think what road its on. “Sa.. SALVATORY AVENUE!” I figured it out! Hmm, now what to do? Maybe I should take a ride there, just because there’s nothing else to do. I leaped on my scooter and pedaled off. I was slow, because I knew that it wasn’t much. But what was weird was, no one lives at 743 Salvatory Avenue. Eh, maybe that’s just a plan for some kids. Where no one expects. Before I knew it, I was staring at the big, black, cobweb-covered, mansion. I was there. Now what? I heard something going on in there. I heard sizzling. And then I saw a flash. I was so curious, I just had to see what was going on! I went inside. There, I saw Anastasia, Jack, and the wannabes. And then I looked right, then I saw Bob and Mr.Fisher. But I passed Bob on the way here! And I didn’t see him come here, and the only way he could have left after me and made it here faster was if he was driving a car, and he doesn’t have one. I saw their mouths taped open and Anastasia holding a type of green fizzly thing in a bottle. But I all saw, that they were so shocked to see me. But why? What was happening? “Well, we might as well explain.” Jack said. “Ok, remember that note from Mr. Fisher? I was me. I took him here. Because I knew he was dear to you, and the truth is…” Anastasia did something that shocked me half to death. She pulled out her bleach-blond hair and it showed natural blond hair. Then she pulled off her face! It turned out to be a mask! She-she-she was Alisha! This time, my mouth hung open like Bob’s and Mr.Fisher’s. I stood there. “I’m Alisha. I took Bob and Mr.Fisher because I knew they were meaning a lot to you. And Bob isn’t my uncle. He only said he was because I was threatening him. But then I knew he was gonna fail, so I took him. I replaced him with a robot, as soon as I called you. That’s why the coconuts tasted weird. They got oil and a little metal on them. And the reason why Jack is here is because I threatened him too. I really do like Jack. And I wasn’t gonna take any chances for him falling for you. So I told him that if he didn’t come here to put in the poison… the bottle full of green stuff… into Mr.Fisher and Bob, I’d kill you too.” Anastasia, now Alisha, said. “Bu-bu-but why? Why did you do this? We’ve been friends for so long… why?” I said, my voice trembling, turning into a faint whisper. I was sure I was dreaming. Something like this could never happen. But I wasn’t dreaming. “Because I knew. Because… because… I was always jealous of you. Everyone always judged me because I was pretty. Only you didn’t, but everyone judged you as the nicest girl ever! I had to get revenge. And there’s no stopping me now!” Alisha said, almost crying. “Well, I would normally talk you out of it… but this is different! You… you were my best friend!” I was crying now. “Well, you came too late! But you have the perfect seat to watch them be killed!” Alisha said evily. Just as Alisha was going to pour it into Bob and Mr.Fisher’s mouths, I punched it out of her hand. It splattered all over my raggedy clothes, and I didn’t know what to think. “Well, look what you did! As long as that gets on anyone, they’ll die! Goodbye, Jennifer.” Alisha said, sassily and laughing. But I didn’t die. My raggedy clothes were… were… turning into a dress! A beautiful, white dress! “Oh my. This, this can’t be happening! I’m dreaming! I’m just dreaming! This-this-this can’t happen in real life!” I said, screaming. But, it was real. I had stopped the poison from getting into Bob’s and Mr.Fisher’s mouth or anywhere, and no one got hurt. Then Jack stood up. “Wow, Jennifer! You’re, you’re amazing!” he said. I shook myself, because I wanted to get the poison off. But it wasn’t there. The poison had made my raggedy clothes into a dress. It made me think of when I was little, when my mom read me Cinderella every single night, when her fairy god mother transformed her ripped clothes into a beautiful dress. Alisha was devastated when Jack gripped my hand. I was starting to like Jack a little bit. And I think he felt the same way. When Jack and I left, I heard Alisha mutter, “All my hard work! Ruined! I should’ve know.” Then I heard the wannabes, well, fake wannabes, say at the same time : “Your hard work! Think about all we’ve done!”. Then I saw them stomp out of the room, actually locking Alisha in the old warehouse. Then they stomped out, and headed along with us, and then we all became friends.


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Angels and Devil Costumes are in the store!

Halo or Horns?

“Head over to the Poptropica Store and find out which suits you best.”

They are 75 credits each (of course) the girls have the left row, and the boys get the right. And the angels special action is it flaps its wings, and the devils twirl their pitchforks. I personally think it isn’t fair that the boys costume gets a tail and the girls don’t, but I am sure a lot of you think different.

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