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Apoligies, Apologies :(

Wow!!!    I havent been on abybodys blog in about 2 weeks. And I am sorry for that. I feel like I have not been pulling my weight. I will try and post a couple times a week.

Although this Wednesday through Sunday I will be on vacation. So this week may not be very good. Please forgive me as I pass out some internet chips and dip. *YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY MY FAV**

Again, I’m sorry Grumpy NInja

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I’m Back!!!!

Yay, I’m back for sure this time. **Jumping for joy, very excited**

Just let me know what you want me to do. 🙂 My email is:          Stay smiley  🙂 😦 :* :$ 😥 …… kinda

                                               Hawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ninja Out

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I’m So So So So So Sorry :(

I feel so terrible for doing this but I would like to be removed from this blog. 😦 I mean I don’t want to but I am on 4 blogs plus this one. Which makes 5.  I want to be on this blog but i feel as though I am not doing anything at all. I hope you understand. Thank you. 😦

I hope this blog will successed even more than it has. 🙂

                                        Grumpy Ninja

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