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Don’t ask, I’m just leaving.

The title. It explains all.

Ghost out.

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I don’t think this blog will continue.. Nor do I know if it will, then whom would take control.. So.. I’m not sure because of the leaving of the blog owner, Calm Spinner..

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Some Random things…

Hi. Since there isnt any new post on the creator’s blog, I thought of posting some things.

A ninja:



A little characatar that Tii showed the website for:



And a doll:

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

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Yay! My blog is back on! candy cookies and soda pop for everyone!  *hands out food* enjoy! WEEEE!!!!! 🙂  😀  😆

Calm Spinner: Hi! Look what I found on the web! I was looking for candy images, and this came up! I decided to use it!

Yum! Internet Candy!

Yum! Internet Candy!

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