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Sorry everyone!

Hi everybody! I’m so sorry I have to go. I will come back summer of 2010. It’s a sacrifice for my schooling. Thank you for reading my short message.

Zany Gamer

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Going, going, going, gone!

Hi everyone! I’ll be taking a break until who knows when. Probably coming back next summer though. I have to clear my mind from blogging so I can focus more on learning. Thanks to all who read this post. So I’ll be going…..going….going……and gone tomorrow!

Zany Gamer

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Pictures for the last three posts!!!

Sorry I was late Calm Spinner……well here are the pics:

Dino Advertisment:


Avatar Studio:

It is unavailable for this time. Please wait until Zany Gamer updates this post. Sorry for the inconvinence. For now, you can see the pictures on Poptropical Thunder’s blog.




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Mr. Popular

Here are the results of the latest poll.
And, it’s official. I am the greatest villain in the world!


And I didn’t even have to hack the results,” said Binary Bard.
popularBinary Bard 9348 (44%)
The Great Booga 3589 (16%)
Director D 2647 (12%)
Dr. Hare 1627 (7%)
Betty Jetty 1282 (6%)
Copy Cat 907 (4%)
Speeding Spike 691 (3%)
Sir Rebral 423 (2%)
Crusher 381 (1%)
Ratman 229 (1%)
Total Votes 21124 (100%)
I guess Binary Bard is the most popular and evil Poptropican villain.

Zany Gamer

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Light Ninja – Limited Edition!

“We’ve just released a new Limited Edition card in our store!

This RARE outfit will only be available for
purchase until Aug 23, 2009,” said Shark Boy.


Zany Gamer

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I’m a new staff member!

Hey guys! I’m a new staff member of Poptropica Blog :). Thanks to Calm Spinner for adding me! I’m also known as Tii too.

Zany Gamer

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