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New Story Part 2

Part Two

Maybe it was just the moving bothering me. It probably wasn’t much. I drank it anyway. To me the coconuts didn’t taste like… well, real coconuts. Sticky Hero always uses the coconuts from the trees. Maybe they just weren’t in season. I watched the island-ending shore, with the salty sea water climbing against the pale sand, making a quiet swish, swish. It was a beautiful calming sound, the type of sound that just melts away all your troubles and lets you go blank. I decided it was getting late and I should get some rest. I walked slowly and tired to my Beach House. I pulled up the covers, turned off my wind powered lamp, and dozed off…
When I woke up, the air was foggy. It felt moist. I decided to go out for breakfast today. I walked over to the Coconut Cafe, and went in, looking for someone to chat or battle with. I went to the counter. “What’ll it be?”, the waitress says in her southern accent. “Two omelets with a side of bacon.”, I answered, as my stomach grumbled. I sat next to someone named Popular Seagull. “Hi.” I said, in a polite voice. “Hey.”, Popular Seagull mumbled in a grumpy voice. “Well, whats wrong?” I asked. “How would you know there is something wrong?” PS said. “Well, it doesn’t take a mind reader to hear you mumblen’” I said. “Nothin. Now leave me alone.”, Popular Seagull said as he moved to an empty table.
“Well someone’s in a bad mood.”, I said to myself.

To be continued…

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