Poptropica Codes

Hi everyone! Here are some Poptropica Glitches! If you know any that i didn’t put up, then comment below, and we’ll check it out.

Changing your Skin Color: Press Ctrl Shift S in a multi player room. Your skin color should be changed.

Changing your Hair Color: Press Ctrl Shift H, then close out the history box and just press H.  Your hair color should now be changed.

Randomizing Your Person (May or may not include a hand-held item such as a cellphone, basketball, etc.): Press Ctrl Shift R. Your person should be changed randomly. This may change gender, and will definitely change your characters clothing. This will change your gender most of the time, too.

Having a Pumpkin Mask: Press Ctrl Shift P. Then you should have the pumpkin mask. Do this again to take it off.

Changing the Cat in 24 Carrot Island colors and changing it into a mini-person (Only works when you are in the old house when you first get it): After you have turned the handles on the shower and the kitty pops out, press Ctrl Shift S to change its colors (Warning: It will change you too). To change it into a mini-person, do the same thing except with Ctrl Shift R. It will change you too, though. But once you exit the old house, it will be the same and you will not be able to do it again.

Having the Black electrifier: Put on any dark purple outfit, like the gothic cheerleader. Put on the electrifier in any color (Or as I suggest, purple) then log out and log back in. You should have the black electrifier! (Credit to Speedy Crown and Golden Eagle)

Planting Flowers on air: Go to Time Tangled Island in the Mount Everest. Go to the place with the icicles falling on the second block. Put on the flower Power while your on the edge of the block. Press spacebar and you should be planting the flowers on air!

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  1. 1

    Speedy Crown said,

    wear cheerleader outfit. wear any color eltirefire.log out and back in. you have black eletifire!

    credit to gloden eagle.

  2. 5

    credit expert…

    This is a great blog. I have to put a bookmark on it and come back again!…

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