Poptropica FAQ

Q1:  Where did the cat ears and whiskers originally come from?

A1: It originally came from a glitch where you could customize the cat.  It does not work anymore and now the only way to get it is to Customize (the Green T-Shirt button) it in multi – player rooms.

Q2: What are all of the Multi-Player rooms?

A2: The multi player rooms are:  The Soda Pop Shop  and sometimes The  Arcade on Early Poptropica Island,  The Coconut Cafe on Shark Tooth Island, The Movie Theater on 24 Carrot Island, The Party Time Tower on Time Tangled Island, The Daily Paper Building on Super Power Island, The Hair Club on Spy Island, The Fly-By-Nights Airline building on Nabooti Island, The Cap’n Salty’s Resteraunt on Big Nate Island, and the Crop Circle Inn on Astro Knights Island.

Q3: I saw someone named Name Unknown in a MultiPlayer room. How do I get that name?

A3: You can get that name by after you log out, click back. Then it will show a different charecter named Name Unknown. It is like this because instead of going back to your account, it will go to a new one, and since it won’t go through the naming thing, it is Name Unknown. At least, I think that is why.

Q4:  Are you a creator of Poptropica?

A4: No, I am not a creator, I am just a player like you.

Q5: Can you change your Poptropicans Name?

A5: No, not that anyone knows of.

If there is any more sensible questions about Poptropica that you have, feel free to ask. And if I think a lot of people want to know, I might put it up here.


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    grumpyninja said,

    How do you get to a chat page?

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    grumpyninja said,

    How do I get my blog to become more popular?

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    grumpyninja said,


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