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Hey everyone! This is a page where you can talk about pretty much everything. But there are still rules.

1.Don’t swear, argue, or say mean things.

2.Don’t spam.

3.Be nice.

And you can ask questions about blogs, Poptropica, and pretty much anything. You can even share art! But just follow the rules, okay? πŸ˜‰

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  1. 1

    emily0784 said,

    Hi everyone! Here are some things to get you babblin’

    You can advertise your blog!
    Ask questions about Poptropica!
    Ask questions about this website!
    Talk about your favorite book!
    Talk about your favorite TV show!
    Share computer art!

    Talk about anything! But remember to follow the rules, or you will have consequences. πŸ‘Ώ

  2. 2

    Speedy Crown said,

    hello calm spinner! your blog! hope this blog does great! speedy crown.

  3. 5

    zanygamer said,

    Ooo….Speedy Crown has computer (jello) art on her blog, but I made it as a gift for no reason. It’s actually three drafts of one picture. Funny isn’t it? Her blog is

    Zany Gamer

    P.S. I also log in as Tii sometimes, and the picture is just Speedy Crown in a pink “star” (that looks like a flower) “jello”. It doesn’t actually look like jello at all!!!

  4. 8

    Speedy Crown said,

    Umm… could I be a editor of this blog? If no, I understand. πŸ˜‰

  5. 16

    Speedy Crown said,

    come to neat whales party before she goes to virgina! BGD62

  6. 22

    Speedy Crown said,

    im sooo bored.. im going to play with my hamster.

  7. 29

    Speedy Crown said,

    i wish they where allgiel in your state. its sad when someone wants something sooo bad and they cant get it. 😦 πŸ˜₯

    • 30

      Calm Spinner said,

      Yeah, but at least I have one pet!

      • 31

        Speedy Crown said,

        yeah. by the way is your dog still healthy?

      • 32

        Calm Spinner said,

        Yeah, she’s healthy. It’s just that she is 14. That’s right. In dog years I think she’s like a hundred or something. But she’s a pomeranian, so they live long. Actually, she’s not even my dog. She’s my sister’s, but she’s in another state.

  8. 33

    Speedy Crown said,

    im bored……..

  9. 43

    grumpyninja said,


  10. 44

    Bunnydooper said,

    I can make a really cool header if I am an admin.

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