24 Carrot Island Guide

24 Carrot: 24 Carrot was originally going to be Monster Carnival Island, but Monster Carnival was replaced because of an item leak. It was the 3rd island on Poptropica. Here’s the guide:

Step 1: Go the Carrot Farm 1 street left from Main Street. Enter the old house through the chimney and collect the empty bowl on the floor.

Step 2: Go back to Main Street and enter The Carrot King Diner. Then ask the waitress to fill the bowl with milk.

Step 3: Go to the Farm again and enter the old house once more. Lay the bowl down and go climb up the rope to go upstairs, and then clcik on the knob on the shower.

Step 4: Chase the Kitty to go to the bowl by leaving her alone for a while and then walking a smidge. When it drinks the milk, the cat will follow you.

Step 5: Lead the Kitty over to Main Street and go into Charlie’s Tools. Say to the owner that you have found her cat. She should give you a crowbar.

Step 6:  Go to the Carrot Cake Factory and climb to the top of it. Collect the bue paper, which is a blueprint of a vent system.

Step 7: Jump of the factory in a southeast kind of direction. Do you see a circle? Click on it.

Step 8:  Once you have entered,  go up the falling platforms thing and collect the carrot transporter.  When you made it accross, go up a little.

Step 9: Watch out for the gopher by jumping up to the tube above an go to the other side. Then go up.

Step 10: Pull down the swithes in this order starting left to right: down, middle, down. Then climb up the boxes and jump to the magnet. Then enter then vent.

Step 12: Follow the blueprint and go to the programming room. Collect the wire cutters.

Step 13: Once you get to the programming room, get zapped by the mechanical flying bunny. It will take you to the freezer, then click on the security system box, then cut the wires.

Step 14: Save all of the hypnotized people, by telling them the bottom sentence, and then click on the red button.

Step 15: Go back to the programing room. Then enter the authorized bunny zone only, and you will see that you are trapped in a squashed place. When you have made it though without touching the liquid or being squashed, collect the bunny drone ears.

Step 16: Exit through the exit hole, and put on the drone ears. Try entering again. Dr.Hare will be there and he will tell you to get to the launch sequence. Jump to the computer and save the hypnotized boy by it.

Step 17: Type in” fuzzybunny” as the password, and the command is “Launch Rabbot”. Make the rabbot hit all the meteors, and when it is destroyed climb up the rope with the boy by the computor, and talk to the mayor to get your medal!


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