Early Poptropica Guide

Early Poptropica: This Island was the first island on Poptropica. It is a very short island, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good! Here is the guide:

Step 1:  Go down the hole. Go all the way down and then collect the pig. But watch out for the spiders!

Step 2: Head over to the right and go to Early Poptropica (Not the island, the city in the island) .

Step 3: Return the pig to the man next to the empty stall.

Step 4: Go down the well. When you’re down, head to the left and then up. Collect the Glow stick and exit the well.

Step 5: Go back to Main Street and go down the hole again. Then go left.

Step 6: Follow the letters until you find and collect a golden egg.

Step 7: Climp to the top and exit. You should be in the Poptropica Towers.

Step 8: Climb up all of the buildings until you get to the top of rooftop restaurants. Then climb up the vine.

Step 9: Talk to the big purple giant, and give him the Golden Egg. Then go right.

Step 10:  Go to the end of the Garden until you have collected a water bucket. Then go right.

Step 11:  Go to the end of this Aircraft Graveyard and collect the jet pack. Then go back to the garden and exit through the hole.

Step 12: Collect the flag from the top of the water tower. Then go back to Early Poptropica,  and return tell Water Bucket to the guy by the well, and give the Flag to the guy at the top of the small tower. Then walk a bit to the left and claim your medallion by the guy on the ship.


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