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New ad in between streets!

There is a new ad in the middle of streets in Poptropica! It’s for PBS, and it says:
Dinosaur Train! (With a picture of two dinosaurs) and it has a built in video about the show and PBS. Of course I won’t be watching it, it’s for littler kids. (No offense to those who watch PBS!) It’s tinier than most in-between-street ads. I am very sorry I couldn’t get a screenshot.

In other news, I have made my own online art gallery! I love to draw, and this is a place where I share my art. Here is the link: Hope you like it!

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New Store outfit!

Yup! A brand new store outfit! It’s a Limited Number outfit. The card did not say how many. It is a golden pop star outfit! It had everything gold! (Well, almost) It had a sparkly gold hat, a layered sort of hair, gold earrings, the bangs that cover the face a little, and does the same special action as the regular Popstar. It does not change colors. The creator’s haven’t posted about it yet, sorry!

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The move part 9

Part 9
It felt as if I had been waiting for hours, even though it had only been a few minutes. I tried to find something to do, like maybe scramble names of the store into more words. It got boring after a while, and I couldn’t stand being in the elevator anymore! I was beginning to get claustrophobic. I think the standing still made my voice get higher. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!” I shouted, so load it sounded like some one kidnapped me. Almost everyone heard now! I could tell, because I heard someone shout “Don’t worry kid! Help is comin’” and someone else shout “I’m calling the firemen to get you down!”. Yes! I was getting out! Try being in an elevator that long alone and have nothing to do! It wasn’t hours-It turns out I was only in there for fifteen minutes. After all the thinking, I saw the firemen burst through the shiny glass doors. They apparently had a huge ladder, and when They finally got all the way up to me, they said this:
“Aren’t you kinda little to be out on your own?”
I didn’t know how to reply. I mean, if I said I was an orphan, what if they would take me to some orphanage or something, and then some mean old turd adopted me just to be their own little servant? What if someone nice adopts me and I grow to love them more than mom? But they were the firemen! If I lie to them, it would be like lying to the police when they were trying to take you home to your parents! What should I say, what should I say? While these thoughts escapade through my head, I can’t really focus on what’s happening. “Did you hear what I asked?” the fireman asked. I got my mind back on track. “Uh… well, I’m an orphan, but I’m perfectly fine living on my own, and I have no trouble getting food, because my best friend’s uncle donates food to me, and a lot of packages come from my best friends mom, so I have the essentials to living and stuff, and I don’t need to go to an orphanage or anything!” I said, starting to sweat. What if they ignored what I said? What if all the stuff I thought of happens? “What ifs” were climbing all over what I should be hearing. I tried to get out of my head and just hear what he says. He didn’t say anything except: “Alrighty then. Now lets get you down. For now take the stairs up, OK little missy?” Phew! No orphanage! I walked slowly down the steep brick red ladder and went to the curvy stairs. I guess it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t too good either! I headed up the twisting white stairs. When I got to the second floor, I spotted the Bike and Scooter store, I headed in. It was a completely different sight for my eyes. Instead of white, the walls were purple, black, and dark yellow. It smelled of rubber and metal. The scooters were carefully lined up in little segments on the right, and there were gazillions of styles for helmets and pads. It was waaaaaaaaay bigger on the inside than the out!

To be continued…

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Avatar Studio!

You heard me! There is an all-new thing on the Main Poptropica page: Avatar Studio! What you do is:
1. Click on the Avatar Studio on the Poptropica HomePage.

2. Type in your username.

3. Set the height and width.

4.Copy and paste the codes at the bottom.

5. Past them somewhere and BAM! You have your poptropican!

I think it is like the, right? I mean, they both need your Poptropica Username, and they both end up with the Poptropican’s image background bieing bllue. Very sorry I couldn’t get screenshots!

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New Banana Smoothie theme!

There is a new theme! It is called Banana Smoothie! You can see a banana on the side, and even a recipe for a banana smoothie! Sadly, it takes away headers, but that’s okay, right? I think I can make a chart to show the things that are the same and different.

Pool Theme Same Banana Smoothie Theme

Blue color                Both WordPress Themes             Banana

Has headers             No are the default                               pages on side

Tab pages                                                                            No headers

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The Move Part 8

Part 8
When I got in, I noticed the walls were big and white. The ceiling was made of glass so you could see the sky. Escalators went zooming up and down. Elevator button sounds were clinging to my ears. It all made me feel so small. I strolled around, stopping here and there to look around. I haven’t been to this mall before, I only knew where it was because once I saw some teenagers exchanging directions to each other. There was a humongous green plant that felt fake, a fountain big enough to be a lake, everything! I looked for a store that might have a scooter. I would still keep my old scooter, since my dad bought it for me, and he’s not here anymore…
I saw mountains of purses in a little hallway store thing. I don’t need those, because my scooter will probably have a nice, roomy, pouch. Probably. Besides, I didn’t like purses anyway. I skipped past. Finally, I saw a bike and scooter store. On the second floor. I used the elevator. It was empty. I pushed number two and it started off. I felt a little shaking in the elevator once I was just about in the middle. I heard something that sounded like a puff. And then………………….
It stopped, right in the middle! “Help! Help!”, I screeched, pressing my hands against the glass. It was a glass elevator, just like the ceiling. And it was really high. And really stuck! I banged against it. No one could hear me. I pounded and pounded until my hand turned red and bruised. I screamed on the top of my lungs. No one could hear me! It was the glass. I wish I could break it! But I had nothing to use! And no one could through a hammer up, because of course it would probably hurt me. What if I was trapped here forever? What if I’d die of hunger or thirst?
What if…
My thoughts got interrupted. Someone saw me! I could hardly hear what they were saying. It was a bald dude, wearing what looked like an old sweatshirt. Who wears a sweatshirt in the summer? Was he hiding something? Well who cares! He was gonna call the fire department and they were gonna save me! At least, I think. Those are usually who save people in a situation like mine, right? Anyways, I was gonna get out! I know, not much of a big deal, just an elevator, but nothing had ever really happened to me. I saw the guy take out his cellphone. I still don’t have a cellphone. I mean, if I did, don’t you think I would have called for help? I couldn’t hear what the bald dude was saying. The glass was too thick. I waited. And waited. No one came. Maybe he wasn’t going to save me. Maybe he was just shouting to someone on the second floor. Maybe he was just talking on his phone. Maybe I was going to be here for longer than I thought.

To be continued…

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New ad on the side of the screen!

There is a new ad on the side of the Poptropica Screen! It is for Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie, and it says on the left side, Family Vacations Can Be Tricky with a picture of Alex in the middle of Max and Justin, and on the right, it has the movie’s logo and it says Premieres Friday August 28 8PM/7c. And then on the right in really small letters is Sorry, I can’t get a screenshot, don’t have paint, like I said before. Bye now!

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